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when you wonder if you've shared one authentic moment

'Sandcastles' is out everywhere 9/8.


but what even is Honeyfang?


what even is Honeyfang?

Honeyfang marks its debut with Blood from the Quick, a full-length album exploding across 10 bombastic tracks.

Minneapolis-native Travis Wavescorx wrote, performed and produced the album. Essentially a break-up record, “Blood from the Quick" is a visceral, immediate reaction to the tumultuous end of a decade-long relationship.

Songs like Opia, Sandcastles, and Enter the Void blend art pop with cinematic vibes, while 808-heavy tracks like Dark Wave and Summer of the Tiger draw from hip hop, grunge, and punk. Can I Get Some of Your Drugs and Cigs and Gasoline wrap dark lyrical themes inside catchy melodies.

Sonic mastermind Trevor Taylor (Joji, Doja Cat, and 100 Gecs) mixed the project in Los Angeles.

The lead single, Sandcastles, released 9/8, with the full album dropping 10/20.


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