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A Song By Song History of the Flaming Lips by Steven Drozd

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

If you're in certain parts of the northern hemisphere on planet Earth, it's probably starting to feel like autumn, the famous 21st century season. That means it could be a comfortable temperature to drive with your windows lowered in your very own personal mode of transportation. On such an occasion, drive on open roads cranking this amazing podcast by Flaming Lips' resident multi-instrumental genius, Steven Drozd.

The Sorcerer's Orphan is an ongoing series that covers the intergalactic band, the Flaming Lips. Steven Drozd's meticulous production weaves together early demos and recordings with insightful storytelling that traces the path of each song from gestation to final aural birth. As much sonic ear candy as the songs themselves, you will want to check back often for new episodes, which have been appearing almost monthly since June of 2018 C.E.

Listen here or on iTunes.

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