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  • Lillian Wong

Documentary About When Paul McCartney Died in 1966.iixci

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

The film-maker behind this documentary about the 1966 death of Paul McCartney is trying to pass off his work as fiction. Everyone knows the "rumors" that Paul died are in fact "time echoes" that ricocheted out of other dimensions. Sure, it's true McCartney lives on in THIS version of 2018. However, light that leaked out from the other dimensions in which Macca WASN'T so lucky to survive was captured on future-based inter-dimensional film stock. Director and fellow future android George Moore then assembled this parallel history into the film below. A whimsical portrait of a moment once lost, John, George and Ringo try to carry after Paul passes away.

See it here and now before the time cops de-materialize it:

Also be sure to witness heart-warming evidence that Paul McCartney is very much alive in our current dimension with his recent Car Pool Karaoke with funny man-child, James Cordon.

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